Art Basel Miami Beach | Art Galleries 2017

December 7th – 10th 2017

Team (gallery, inc.) will participate in 2017’s edition of the Americas' pre-eminent art fair, Art Basel | Miami Beach. This will mark our thirteenth appearance at the fair and the first time that we will present a solo stand. The gallery will be located in stand I9.

Parker Ito’s new paintings migrate from an outdated digital camera to desktop, from jpeg to laserprinter and back to jpeg, from Los Angeles to a distinctive printer in New York, and back to the artist’s studio for overlays in oil. This procedure is both varied and exacting. The myriad opportunities for chance and mutation service Ito’s ongoing intent: to make works that have been pushed through many material stages so that each is inscribed into the final form, yet indistinguishable as to which media is responsible for which surface traces.

The nine new paintings on view in Team’s Art Basel/Miami Beach stand are based on images taken by Ito amongst his common surroundings. These images were captured between 2015 and 2017 and are stored in a personal archive until they are selected for deployment in paintings. Still-life seems to be the genre most frequently touched-upon here, sometimes infected by elements of landscape and portraiture. His resultant mixtures arrive, however, sui generis.

If Ito has a central concern, it is how images and experience are shaped by our subjectivity. Further, how this subjectivity is informed by the multitude of media through which we observe. Ito lays claim to the possibility of interiority in a world of brightly lit screens, where retina-sharp images have long-ago supplanted the entrenched Judeo-Christian, Pop and/or Minimalist canons as the foundation of painterly communication.

Ito’s paintings are fortified by a built-in inscrutability. His distrust of artists’ statements, reviews, CVs and other explanatory texts (such as this), is part and parcel of his insistence on the perplexity of art. Ito’s practice represents a valuable position for a future poetics of accumulation and detritus.

Art Basel | Miami Beach is held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Drive. The fair is open to the public from 3 to 8pm on Thursday, December 7th; from noon to 8pm on Friday and Saturday, December 8th and 9th; and from noon to 6pm on Sunday, December 10th. There is a private viewing day on Wednesday, December 6th.

For further information and/or photographs, please call 212 279 9219.










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#1 (miami)
oil on linen
80 x 60 inches; 203 x 152 cm.
#2 (miami)
oil on linen
80 x 60 inches; 203 x 152 cm.