You and My Friends 4
48 framed c-prints
overall: 88.5 x 269.5 inches,  224.8 x 684.5 cm 
unique, with one AP
1998 Pentium II Xeon
digital print 
50 x 46 inches, unframed 
58 3/4 x 54 5/8 x 1 11/16 inches, framed 
edition of three

Frieze 2013

Cory Arcangel, Tabor Robak, and Ryan McGinley
October 17th – 20th 2013
83 Grand Street

Team Gallery is pleased to announce its eighth participation at London’s Frieze Art Fair. During the 2013 edition, we will be located in stand B4 – a substantial shift on the floorplan from our previous placements. Our presentation will consist of a single, large-scale work each by Cory Arcangel, Ryan McGinley and Tabor Robak.

Cory Arcangel will be represented by an 80-inch flat-screen television that has been turned on its side. The image on the screen is a photograph of P. Diddy to which Arcangel has applied the java applet “lake,” which creates a shimmering reflection. The work continues the artist’s involvement with consumer culture and the quaintly outdated, familiar visual vocabularies that accompany the increasing digitization of the world. 

Ryan McGinley will show a new work from his You and My Friends series, which are comprised of gridded, individual portraits of fans at concerts. The monumental work measures over twenty feet in width and is made up of forty-eight 20 by 20 inch photographs. The images, which show ecstatic faces awash with colored light, explore the artist’s significant relationship to the experience of live music. This practice, which allows for tremendous subtlety, turns the viewer’s attention away from the performer altogether and directly and exclusively toward the fans. 

Tabor Robak has produced a 4-channel digital piece entitled Screen Peeking. Each screen shows a different digitally produced scene, each meticulously crafted out of elements both purchased and individually modeled. The videos are reminiscent of surveillance footage, almost appearing recorded by a surreptitious third party. The artist’s work pushes up against the increasingly tenuous separation between perceptions of the virtual and the real. Screen Peeking is currently included in the Lyon Biennial and was recently shown as part of PS1’s Expo 1 and the Norman Rosenthal/Alex Gartenfeld Empire State exhibition held at Rome’s Palazzo delle Exposizioni.

In a smaller, side space the gallery will show additional works by the three artists. McGinley will show a recent road trip photograph, while Arcangel will present a group of new drawings, made using an outdated architectural pen plotter machine. Robak will contribute a large, intricate picture, produced entirely in Photoshop, based on a photograph of a computer’s central processing unit.

The fair takes place in London’s Regent’s Park, and will run from the 17th through the 20th of October. Hours are noon to 7 PM, as well as a VIP hour beginning at 11 AM. The private view is scheduled for Wednesday the 16th from 2 until 9 PM, and is by invitation only. For more information, please contact Thalassa Balanis at thalassa@teamgal.com or Emma Fernberger at emma@teamgal.com







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Diddy Lakes
digital video
80 x 50 x 13 inches; 203 x 127 x 33 cm  
Screen Peeking
58 x 98.6 inches; 147.3 x 250.6 cm
10 minutes 
four-channel HD video, Real-time 3D 
edition of three, with two APs