Steven Parrino

Solo Exhibitions
  • Steven Parrino
    October 7th – November 6th 2004
  • Steven Parrino
    Untitled '01
    April 19th – May 26th 2001
  • Steven Parrino
    August 31st – October 2nd 1999
  • Steven Parrino
    Untitled '97
    November 15th – December 20th 1997
Group Exhibitions
  • Carol Bove, Steven Parrino, Banks Violette, Slater Bradley, and Tam Ochiai
    March 6th – 10th 2003
    Pier 90, Booth #9337
  • Katherine Bernhardt, Carol Bove, Slater Bradley, Brice Dellsperger, Jack Featherly, Steven Parrino, and Guy Richards Smit
    May 31st – June 22nd 2002
  • Vito Acconci, Lisa Beck, Wayne Gonzales, Dan Graham, James Hyde, Jutta Koether, Billy Miller, Cady Noland, Steven Parrino, George Rush, Francis Ruyter, Daniel Smith, Lily van der Stokker, John Tremblay, and Alan Uglow
    Hex Enduction Hour by the Fall (curated by Bob Nickas)
    January 8th – February 12th 2000
  • Tam Ochiai and Steven Parrino
    Untitled '99
    January 1st – 30th 1999
  • Amy Adler, Drew Dominick, Jack Featherly, Julia Fish, Ava Gerber, Jane Hammond, Peter Hristoff, Deborah Kass, Karl Lagerfeld, Alix Lambert, Marilyn Minter, Michael Lavine, Tam Ochiai, Steven Parrino, Rona Pondick, Helen Sadler, Michael St.John, Marcia Salo, Susan Silas, Josh Smith, and John Wesley
    May 27th – June 27th 1998