Trying to get my chores done while lost in the soupy pain of losing a lover.
electricity, light, glass, vinyl, water pump, found objects
63 x 124 x 134 inches; 160 x 315 x 340 cm.
The inky blackness of that front porch kept sucking me in. We sat there alone for so long, it felt like weeks in that darkness. I've tried to go back there, I've tried to find that night again and it's not there. I miss you so much. I wish you were here w
steel, glass, silicon
59 x 19 x 12 inches; 150 x 48 x 30 cm.

Not Right Now

Elias Hansen
October 29th – December 17th 2017
306 Windward Avenue

Team (bungalow) is pleased to announce a show by American artist Elias Hansen. The exhibition, entitled "Not Right Now", will run from 29 October through 17 December 2017. The Bungalow is located at 306 Windward Avenue in Venice, CA. Concurrently, a sister-show of Hansen’s work will run at Anat Ebgi, located at 2660 South La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA.

At Team, Elias Hansen will present a series of brand-new sculptures, created with the domestic space of the bungalow in mind. These assemblage works, which employ the likes of wooden shelving, hand-blown glass, electrical fixtures and found objects, are at once slipshod and extraordinarily meticulous, blurring our perception of accidental and orchestrated visual harmonies. Resembling the tools of an amateur chemist – perhaps the contents of a meth lab or moonshine distillery – these artworks are dense with metaphors of the alchemical nature of artistic creation. 

The show’s centerpiece is a large, spidery chandelier, from which hang a mismatched assortment of beakers and bulbs, some of which emit colorful light. Several smaller works consist of pairs of elegant blown glass objects, set into roughhewn wooden fixtures. With this show, Hansen exhibits a fascination with modes of display and the marriage of disparate materials: the delicate pipettes, flasks and beakers and their rugged driftwood armatures are given equal visual priority.

Another body of work consists of so-called “fountains” – elaborately jerry-rigged contraptions featuring buckets, hoses and light fixtures, which pour and recycle supplies of water. The simultaneous appearances of functionality and futility represent a central theme in Hansens’ oeuvre; the artist seeks to confound our dichotomous conceptions of decorative and utilitarian objects. The sculpture becomes a site of erasure, removing the lines of necessity and luxury, amateur and professional creativity.

The show at Anat Ebgi is comprised of similar bodies of work; however, rather than displaying the pieces at eye-level, as he has done at Team, the pieces will hang overhead, offering the viewer a radically altered perspective from which to engage the sculptures. 

Elias Hansen has been the subject of solo exhibitions both stateside and abroad.

Team Bungalow’s hours are Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 6pm.






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Hanging out at the house, being sad and fixing things, and then the things breaking, and trying to fix them, and then your friend dies and you just sit there and stare at your broken crappy things and wonder if that's it.
electricity, light, glass, steel
122 x 66 x 63 inches; 284 x 168 x 160 cm.