Surf Type

December 6th 2018 – January 19th 2019
83 Grand Street

Concurent with SportCult, Team will also present a solo by Ann Pibal as the second entry in our project room series “Gallery B”. Pibal’s presentation will focus on three recent abstract paintings; their crisp, geometric designs contradicted by the very human manner in which they have been executed.

Further complicating one’s reading of these semi-austere paintings are a grid of works on paper that use surfer magazines as source material. There is a shared luminosity present in the drawings and in the paintings, grounding these surfer dudes in a perpetual magic hour, and allowing the notion of prowess to be easily transcribed from these bronzed icons to painters painting.  

Pibal has frequently drawn parallels between the practices of painting and surfing. They are both predominantly solitary pursuits where silence and waiting are as much a part of the “action” as play and work itself. Calm, centered and focussed, Pibal’s paintings also appear built for speed. They remain steadfastly committed to inhabiting the modernist agenda while still reveling in the glories of Zigzag, Sup Magazine, Surfer, Beach Beat, Hyperflex, BIC, Spyder, Formula Energy and Hurley Advantage.

The gallery is open from Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm. For further information and/or photographs, please call 212 279 9219.


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acrylic on aluminum panel
39 x 29 inches (each panel); 100 x 74 cm. (each panel)
acrylic on aluminum panel
16.25 x 12.75 inches; 42 x 32 cm.