Experiment in Total Freedom

May 3rd – June 21st 2003
83 Grand Street
Team Gallery is pleased to announce it's first solo show with Carol Bove. Entitled Experiment in Total Freedom, the exhibition will run from the 3rd of May through the 21st of June 2003. The gallery is located at 527 West 26th Street, between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues, on the ground floor.

Carol Bove's installation at Team will be made up of ink drawings, photographs, prints, sculptural assemblages constructed from readymades, and optical, site-specific wall designs made with string. These works fully claim the gallery space, making of it something akin to the domestic.

Bove's artistic output is part of an enlarging social project that places her as an interloper in the land of the historian. She trains her eye on a short period of Americana -- stretching from the late 1960s through the early 1970s -- a period which foregrounded personal liberation and cultural responsibility. Using small shelf units and tables from the period, Bove creates book families by joining together disparate original editions of published works that act as signposts for the intellectual and humanistic developments of the hippie era.

Bove's installations are made up of a combination of the primary elements of her practice -- the book clusters are played against furniture groupings, configurations of string, photo-collages, typed statements and diaphanous drawings of nude women, frequently taken from men's magazines and nudist journals. These objects, when installed, create an intimate social space for the viewer who is allowed to explore the different modes of her production: forger, collector, amateur historian, watercolorist.

This exhibition follows upon Bove's hugely successful installation within the STATEMENTS section of last year's Art Basel. Her next solo exhibition will open in mid-September at the Kunstverein in Hamburg. It will be accompanied by a catalogue. Bove's work is also currently on view at MIT's List Visual Arts Center as a part of the exhibition Influence, Anxiety and Gratitude.


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