Polemic for a structural revolution
  • Jakob Kolding
2010 collage on paper 16 x 11 inches
Jakob Kolding 2010 collage on paper 16 x 11 inches
Club (Destroy This Mad Brute)
Gardar Eide Einarsson 2008 painted bronze 67 x 16 x 16 inches edition of three

Art Forum Berlin

October 7th – 10th 2010
83 Grand Street

Hall 20, Booth 121


Team is pleased to announce our participation in Art Forum Berlin, 2010.


The gallery will present a two-person exhibition of new work by Scandinavian artists Gardar Eide Einarsson and Jakob Kolding. Both artists have exhibited with Team since 2005, and share a number of biographical and artistic similarities. The juxtaposition will provide a unique opportunity for viewers to survey their artistic affinities.


Einarsson (Norwegian) lives and works in New York and Tokyo, while Kolding (Danish) lives and works in Berlin. The two artists work in a wide variety of media including photography, painting, sculpture, and drawing — the latter in all of its possible permutations. At Art Forum Berlin, each artist will present a diverse body of works, alongside a site-specific wall piece.


Using appropriated imagery, a monochromatic palette, and the starkness of black and white, the presentation will consider themes of radical politics, collapsed utopian ideals, street culture, urban planning, and organized systems of restraint and control.


Please contact the gallery at 212.279.9219 for information or images.





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Memories of the future
Jakob Kolding 2010 collage on paper 16 x 11 inches
Pattern Recognition
Jakob Kolding 2010 Pattern Recognition collage on paper 16 x 11 inches